Here’s a reflection on the experience of mind that’s well worth sharing: I especially loved the Bukowski reference to the parasite that lives within us all, plotting to our disadvantage. (Probably more than one of those, actually).  Lacan’s notion of Das Ding is relevant here–the idea that the unconscious is like a “stranger to ourselves” (Kristeva).  Consciousness is a precious, powerful gift, but the fact remains that, as embodied creatures, we have brains and nervous systems that live other lives in another place (eine anderere Schauplatz, as Freud put it), following dreams we never know we’re dreaming, running from equally indeterminate nightmares.  I also liked the statement about the rebelliousness of pleasure, of seeking out lovely, simple moments.  So many of my patients feel entitled to nothing real, however exaggerated their “entitlement” may be.  I always know something better is happening for them when they can describe the creaminess of the ice cream they ate last night or the sweetness of the honeysuckle they smelled this morning on the way to their appointment.  Then there’s the joy of feeling love when, most of your life, you’ve felt only emptiness inside.  So please take a look at this piece by Jenni Fagan.  

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